WINWIN offers its guests a combination of gaming, entertainment and first-class bistro cuisine in stylish, contemporary settings targeted at fun-loving people who enjoy a good night out.

Launched in 2004 with the opening of three video lottery terminals (VLT) locations, WINWIN now provides VLT entertainment at a total of 21 venues across Austria. A VLT is a gaming machine that is optically similar to a classic slot machine but which differs significantly in its gaming mechanism and the technology behind it.

Player protection

WINWIN is committed to combining gambling fun with the highest possible level of protection for players. This protection begins the moment a guest enters the foyer and includes the following responsible gaming measures:


Under the provisions of Art. 25 (1) of the Austrian Federal Law on Games of Chance (“Gaming Act”) as amended and the valid licenses currently issued in Austria, only persons aged 18 who have provided adequate proof of identity (official photo ID) and are not subject to any form of operator-imposed entry ban can be permitted to enter and gamble in a WINWIN location. We record and store the data on the ID provided for a period of at least five years. If there is any doubt regarding a guest’s identity or right to access the venue, we will deny them entry until the matter has been satisfactorily resolved.

The first time a guest registers at a WINWIN, he/she is issued with a so-called WINWIN Player Card ("Spielerkarte"), which allows him/her to access the gaming area. The video lottery terminals in the WINWIN locations can only be played with an activated WINWIN Player Card.


By monitoring visit frequency, gambling intensity and the amount of money changed, WINWIN is able to identify individuals who are potentially at risk. We also carry out credit checks on such individuals in line with the player protection provisions set out in Art. 25 (3) of the Austrian Gaming Act.

If necessary, specially trained members of our staff then meet with such individuals to discuss the situation and draw their attention to – among other things – the risks of gambling and the potential threat to their subsistence level. They also provide information on appropriate counseling options and institutions. These discussions should lead – in accordance with the objectives of the respective provisions in the Austrian Gaming Act – to a reduction in visit frequency and the amounts wagered. If this does not prove to be the case, a further meeting is held to inform the guest that his/her visit frequency is being restricted or that he/she is being subjected to an operator-imposed entry ban.


This refers to the monitoring of visit frequency and gambling intensity. Based on such assessments, measures are taken in accordance with the provisions of Art. 25 (3) of the Austrian Gaming Act. In other words, where necessary, guests at our outlets will be spoken to regarding possible problems with their gambling behavior and appropriate measures introduced as required. The high standard of training provided to our staff plays a key contribution in allowing them to effectively recognize abnormalities in gambling behavior at as early a stage as possible.


If an individual does not have sufficient financial means to continue gambling, we are also required by law to either restrict the frequency of his/her visits or ban him/her temporarily or permanently from entering our WINWIN locations.


Guests also have the option to self-exclude. In other words, they can request that their number of visits be restricted or have themselves totally banned from entering our locations. Such requests must be made in writing and can be submitted at any time. 

At the end of the defined exclusion/restriction period and/or upon receipt of a request to re-permit entry to our WINWINs, we carry out a new credit check to ascertain whether the individual meets the requirements defined in the Austrian Gaming Act.

Request for an entry ban or restriction

If you would like to initiate an entry ban or restriction, please complete and sign the corresponding form and send it together with a copy of a valid official ID (e.g. your passport or driving license) by post, fax or e-mail to Glücks- und Unterhaltungsspiel BetriebsgesmbH. If you prefer, you can send your request online instead using the corresponding contact form.


Form request for self-exclusion (PDF | 38KB)
Form request for restriction of visits (PDF | 22KB)

Please note that this form can only be used to request such a measure for the actual person signing the form. Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss the possibility of an entry ban or restriction measure for a third party.

Time management

The VLTs boast specific Responsible Gaming features which support the players in their time management and limit every person's maximum gaming time.

After 60 and 90 minutes of playing, respectively, a message indicating the time spent gaming will appear on the VLT display. The player must actively confirm if s/he wants to continue playing. After 115 minutes of playing another message will appear on the VLT display indicating that the maximum gaming time of 120 minutes will be reached in 5 minutes. Afterwards, the game will be terminated automatically.