Austrian Lotteries


The company’s network of around 5,100 sales partners (tobacconists, post offices, post office partners, gas stations, etc.) lies at the center of the sales structure for Austrian Lotteries products. All lottery games can also be played on the win2day online gaming platform, in the 12 Austrian casinos and in the 19 WINWIN outlets across the country.

Responsible gaming and the protection of minors in particular

In April 2009, Austrian Lotteries voluntarily introduced a self-imposed restriction that far exceeds any applicable legal requirements (e.g. in the Austrian Civil Code or the various provisions to protect minors in the individual Austrian states). Under this restriction, the sale of lottery products in Austria is only permitted to persons over the age of 16. No Austrian Lotteries products may be sold, or winnings paid out, to persons under the age of 16. The sale of sports betting products and participation in online gambling (sale of Eurobons) is restricted by law to persons over the age of 18.

By prohibiting the sale of lottery tickets and instant lottery products to persons under the age of 16, Austrian Lotteries has taken an important, proactive step to protect minors. Our sales partners, who naturally play an integral part in implementing this policy, are contractually obliged to respect this age restriction, and mystery shoppers are systematically deployed to monitor adherence. Sanctions are taken against sales partner who breaches this requirement, and we will terminate our contract with an individual sales outlet if the situation so requires.

Certified top standards

The provision of responsible gaming excellence at Austrian Lotteries is guaranteed through our certification to international standards:

The two umbrella organizations – the World Lottery Association (WLA) and the European Lotteries (EL) – are actively committed to responsible gaming and the steady combatting of illegal gambling. They advocate corresponding preventive measures and promote the controlled expansion of information and training measures. Their responsible gaming standards allow members to incorporate player protection as a measurable, structured and integral part of their daily business. By establishing these standards, the organizations follow the goal of minimizing both the risk to individual consumers as well as the detrimental effects on society that are caused by excessive gambling. These standards far exceed the applicable national and international legal provisions and are a guarantee for security and confidentiality in the handling of customer data.

Comment from Dietmar Hoscher, Director:

Since 2009, the European Lotteries Association has provided its member organisations with a certification framework that is regarded as a particularly strict and consistent guideline for auditing their own responsible gaming standards. The fact that Austrian Lotteries has once again been re-certified according to both this standard and the World Lottery Association standard is a clear confirmation that we are on the right path with our own responsible gaming concept. Player protection, and above all the protection of minors, are going to become even more important for the future of reputable, legitimate, licenced gambling. Our success to date should therefore serve as an incentive to us to continue down this tried and tested path.