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The following ten questions cover the experiences and behavior commonly associated with gambling related problems. This online service provides you with feedback on your gambling habits. The feedback it contains is not a medical diagnosis and does not constitute an offer of medical and/or psycho-social counseling or treatment. The information provided is by no means exhaustive and lays no claim to completeness. Absolute anonymity is guaranteed, and you will not be asked to provide any personal data. It is important that you answer honestly and do not leave out any of the questions.

# 1

Question 1

Have there been any phases in the last year when you have frequently thought about gambling or about how to finance your gambling activities?

# 2

Question 2

Have you ever felt the need to place increasingly higher bets to achieve the same level of thrill?

# 3

Frage 3

Have you ever tried unsuccessfully to control, limit or stop your gambling activities?

# 4

Question 4

Have you ever felt restless or irritable when you tried to stop or reduce your gambling activities?

# 5

Question 5

Has gambling distracted you or provided a release from unpleasant feelings like nervousness, hopelessness, guilt, fear or sadness?

# 6

Question 6

Have you often gambled to recuperate previous losses?

# 7

Question 7

Have you ever lied to members of your family, therapists or other people to cover up the extent of your gambling activities?

# 8

Question 8

Have you ever done anything unlawful to obtain money for gambling or to cover your gambling debts?

# 9

Question 9

Have you ever lost a friend or your job as a result of your gambling habits?

# 10

Question 10

Have you ever relied on the fact that other people will pay your bills or cover your gambling debts?


You consider gambling to be a fun, entertaining and exciting leisure pastime. If your gambling habits do not change, you have no cause for concern!


In rare cases, people who answered almost all questions with a no can still have a gambling problem.
Talk to us! Our well-trained staff are on hand here to help you.


Every question answered with “Yes” should be taken as a serious sign that you might have a gambling problem. Make use of the options we offer to take a break from gambling or to reassess and, if necessary, reduce your gambling limits.

Talk to us! We have a team of well-trained staff on hand here to help you. Or why not make use of the self-exclusion options available at the Casinos Austria AG casinos or on the online gaming platform win2day.

Alternatively, you could also consider contacting a counseling center in your area!

Remember: the sooner you decide to seek help, the sooner you will prevent any potential negative effects of gambling!


The analysis of your answers indicates that your gambling habits are causing you significant emotional and/or financial stress.

To assess your particular situation and gambling habits, we recommend that you contact a counseling center in your area as soon as possible. The staff in these counseling centers have considerable experience in dealing with this kind of problem and have already helped many other people with gambling problems to change their ways.

Our own well-trained staff are also on hand here to help you find the support you need to. Get in touch with them as soon as possible: the longer you wait, the more serious your gambling problem will become!

You could also make use of the self-exclusion options available at the Casinos Austria AG casinos or on the online gaming platform win2day.